Our Story

Have you ever gone to the store, pulled a bag of treats off the shelf, looked at the ingredients and thought "what the heck is that?"  When I realized I had been giving my best bud, Morty, treats that had ingredients I could not pronounce, I knew it was time to make him something better.  And so began Morty's Munchies.

We take pride in providing you with treats that are made with a whole lotta love and none of the bad stuff.  All of our treats are made by hand using the freshest, human-grade ingredients we can find.

Morty is the leader of this operation.  As Chief Tasting Officer, all treats must pass his taste test.  If he doesn't scarf it down with a big wag of the tail, then it's back to the drawing board.  Of course every CTO needs assistants so he often calls on his brother and sister, Myles and Sophie, to give a second opinion.  If they don't agree, it doesn't make it into the store. 

Thank you for stopping by!  We hope you enjoy Morty's Munchies!

Nicole, Morty, Myles & Sophie