Why Crickets Are the New Superfood for Dogs

Crickets are the new superfood for our canine friends and favorite furbabies.

But worry not – we are not expecting you to fill your houses with the jumping insects. Your beloved pet is enjoying a tasty and healthy dog treat.

Why crickets? They are a bug after all. Well, surprising though it is to us in the US, insects have long been a vital and popular part of people’s diets in many countries around the world.

They are very high in protein and are much easier to breed and harvest than traditional meat sources such as chicken or beef.

And the latest dog food snacks for your pet from Jiminy’s Crickets feature all the delightful dog treats you could imagine – except baked with flour made from crickets instead of meat.

Jiminy’s Crickets is a California-based all American business that set out to help our dogs have happier and healthier lives while also being better for the environment.

Company founder, and rescue dog owner, Anne Carlson, said: “Did you know that crickets are a nutty-flavored superfood with more essential nutrients per pound than chicken or beef?”


“And they’re hypoallergenic, humanely sourced, and better for the environment — using up less natural resources and emitting fewer greenhouse gases compared to other animal proteins.”

Today Jiminy’s Crickets has a range of tasty treats for our favorite doggy companions, including original biscuits, peanut butter and blueberry, pea and sweet potato as well as chewy treats.

Anne added: “Now, we’re not the first to try crickets. Humans - and dogs - have been eating insects for thousands of years. But, at Jiminy’s, we are one of the first to add powdered cricket protein to our dog food and treats. And we’re working with experts to better understand and unlock the many health benefits for our dogs!”

The company uses crickets farmed in the US in special barns, and Anne said pound-for-pound they provide more protein than chicken, as well as being hypoallergenic for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.

They are also more environmentally friendly, producing far less carbon dioxide than traditional meats – 740 per cent less CO2 than beef treats and 270 per cent less than chicken treats, and require much less land and water per pound.

IMG_5382 2.jpg

Crickets also have a very short life span – they are harvested close to the end of their natural life at about six weeks, simply by cooling the barns they live in until they move into hibernation-like state.

Anne said: “Crickets are naturally a swarming species, and like being in a dark, warm place. They’re raised in cricket condos which allow the crickets to live in a way as close as possible to how they would live in the natural world. They are free to hop from feed station to feed station, and can burrow deep into the condos if they so choose.”

Jiminy’s Crickets are all baked in the US, with about five crickets per cookie and two per chewy treat – 525 crickets per bag of biscuits.

The crickets are all reared by US growers and Jiminy’s Crickets buys the flour known as cricket protein powder, made from the whole insect. The powder contains all the essential amino acids a dog needs to be healthy.

Other quality ingredients include pumpkin, peanut butter, flax seeds, blueberries, sweet potato, apple and lentils, all of which provide a range of healthy nutrients for dogs.

Dog lovers wanting a top quality treat that is super healthy and better for the environment can get their hands on Jiminy’s Crickets products at Morty’s Munchies, the one-stop shop for Northeast Ohio dog owners.