Meet Our Team

Chief Tasting Officer

Morty is the company's namesake and Chief Tasting Officer.  In his role as CTO, he is responsible for tasting every recipe that is created.  If he doesn't like it, it won't make it to the shop.  Morty is a black lab mix who was rescued as a puppy.  He wanders around in his own little world, sniffing everything he sees.  His favorite things are walks in the park, digging for worms, popping bubble wrap and cuddling with his humans.


Quality Control

Myles is the inspiration for the Morty's Munchies logo.  His only responsibility is to drop his ball/toy/squeaky long enough to taste the treat.  He will eat anything that looks or smells like food unless it's a pickle so if he spits out a treat during the testing and creative phase, it will never make it to the shop.  Myles enjoys fetch.  So much.  He will also play with his sister, Sophie, or sleep.  But mostly, fetch.


There is no corporate title that can properly capture what this girl does.  Sophie is the queen of her castle.  She is picky by nature and will only eat Morty's Munchies and a few select types of dog food.  When testing recipes, if Sophie likes it, it is guaranteed other dogs will too.  She is a glamour girl whose primary responsibility is to be the boss.  She'll let you know what that entails.  As a small puppy, she was abandoned and had a tough beginning but she didn't let that stop her from being one tough cookie.  This gentle giant enjoys playing with Myles, sleeping and riding in the car.

Owner & Baker

I'm Nicole, the owner, recipe creator, and happy treat baker.  Originally from Minneapolis, I landed in Ohio for a job and ultimately ended up starting Morty's Munchies. I love baking and seeing dogs light up with their tail wagging when they try one of my treats.  This is a dream come true for me!  Aside from Morty's Munchies, I enjoy dining at local Cleveland restaurants, watching sports and taking long naps.